Summer Swim Sessions . . no formal arrangements


As most of you will be aware, during the Summer break from normal training, Viking SC has had an arrangement with Stewarts to allow limited training to take place on a Friday evening. We have sought to make this arrangement again this summer, however we have had no response to our request from management at the Centre. We believe that this is due to the fact that we are behind with our Pool Fees (this has happened almost every year), and we are also disputing the level of fees paid by Viking SC over the past number of years (since Stewarts closed the centre on a Sunday).

Sea Swim . . . Saturday 19th July, 4pm, Seapoint

Sea Splash

The second Viking Sea Swim of the summer will take place this coming Saturday, 19th July.

Venue is Seapoint, meeting at the Martello Tower, at 4pm.

Westwood 50m Training Schedule


Please note that there will be NO 50M Training at Westwood on 15th June.

50M Training will resume in September.